The Web3 101 Course

Our world is increasingly digital and interconnected. It’s taking place on devices: our screens are our windows, our data is our identity, and more and more of our lives take place online.

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What is Web3?


Web3 is an umbrella term for the vision of a better internet; an internet with an added identity, money, and social layer.

What is a Crypto Wallet?


Crypto wallets are a form of digital wallet designed for web3. They help you manage permissions with whom you share your data, store cryptocurrency, NFTs, and more.

The Era of Digital Identity


What would it be like if your digital identity were owned and controlled by you foremost (not other entities), located in one place, and accessible?

What is Self-Custody?


Crypto wallets like MetaMask are called self-custodial for this reason: You are the owner and the only one who can access your private keys.

The Advent of Digital Ownership


As our world becomes increasingly digital, and increasingly interconnected, the capability to create and possess digital objects with personal and individual control, is unprecedented.

NFTs and Creators


In web3, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs are provably scarce digital items, whether that be digital trading cards, tickets to an event, in-game items, digital music, or art.

Finance, Decentralized


From lending, borrowing, earning interest and getting insurance, there is an entirely new decentralized financial industry that offers an alternative to the traditional financial system.

The Age of Communities


A DAO is a community-led entity that uses Ethereum smart contracts to establish the foundational rules and execute the agreed upon decisions.

Bridging Blockchain Networks


Blockchain bridges connect separate networks allowing you to move tokens from one network to another. Without them, each network would remain isolated.

What is Staking?


Staking is a decentralized public good that helps secure and maintain a blockchain network.

Security in Web3


Enhancing web3 security is essential as you level up in your blockchain journey